Internet of Things

Web of Things aka "Internet of Things”

“Web of Things is about extending the Internet of Things [Ashton, 2009] concept beyond the connection of things and considering issues like heterogeneity, scalability and usability with respect to progressive computing” [Mayer et al., 2013]. By introducing web technologies, the concept overpasses Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication and incorporates interaction with users into the landscape. This lecture will present conceptual and technical overviews of about IoT and WoT including:

  • Internet of Things (Things, Properties, Sensors)
  • Architecture layers
  • Survey about existing technologies & platforms
  • Development frameworks
  • Application domains
  • Challenges of IoT
  • The Web as a Solution
  • Related standards and frameworks.

Finally a real world project will be presented e.g. a low-cost and reliable indoor localization system using state-of-the-art Web of Things technologies targeted to support the daily activities of users with mild cognitive impairments and their carers.

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