Socio-Informatics, Grounded Design and Design Case Studies

This workshop will build upon the talk of Markus Rohde on Socio-Informatics, Grounded Design and Design Case Studies. We will focus mainly on the contents of Participatory Design and Action Research. Initially, the students will be provided a deeper introduction into relevant ethnographic methods such as interviews, focus groups, observation techniques and methods to foster creativity and participation together with users. The aim of the workshop is to enable the students to practically apply the theoretical concepts they learned in the talk before. Hence, in the second part of the workshop, the students will work in groups in oder to exemplarily apply these methods. Due to the short timeframe, we can’t discuss and apply the methods in great detail. This workshop rather has to be seen as a brief introduction in the possibilities for deeply integrating future users in the development process of an (ICT) product and, of course, methods for research for a better understanding of human practices.