Software testing

Testing can be very expensive (even up to 50% of development costs) and organisations might not have time and resources for it. In this course we will review the basic concepts of testing process. We will discuss benefits and limitations. Students will learn about basic techniques of testing that they can readily catch up and use in their future studies and work.

Students will learn methods and techniques of software testing. They will be able: to select the appropriate testing techniques for a specific purpose and evaluate the technique for false positive and negative output; to select the most suitable technique to build testing suites.


  1. Basic concepts 1 hrs
  2. Validation and verification 1hrs
  3. Dependability 1hrs
  4. Basic principles of analysis and testing 1hrs
  5. Examples of testing techniques 4 hrs

Pezzè & Young, Software Testing and Analysis: Process, Principles and Techniques, Wiley, 2007. Chap.1-4, 5-6 8-12 17