The Transition from ALM to DevOps in Software Engineering world through the Continuous Value Delivery in the cloud world

Abstract: Software Engineering field is experiencing a tremendous shift towards maintaining direct relations with the application in production. In the cross-platform cloud world, and phone apps era, releasing in timely fashion is an important factor in winning the competition. Software factories like Facebook, and Microsoft have won their competition battles due to having the ability to have short development cycles that have a high sense of the new customer requirements. During the last couple of years, the focus was on managing not only the development lifecycle of the SW product, but also, the whole application lifetime including the time of production. This has been attained through theĀ  introduction of the new agile Application Lifecycle Management concepts. Nowadays, a newer wave of software engineering is emerging worldwide that responds to customer's requirements faster and make the development cycles shorter. With the introduction of the DevOps, the development and operations lifecycles are becoming one integrated cycle. This talk will be divided into two sessions , the first session will go through some failure experiences case studies to show the importance of this shift. The second session will go thorough a more practical experience of how to use some available tools to achieve this.